Saturday, 20 April 2019
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Northern Ireland Police Arrest 2 Men In Shooting Death Of Journalist
04/20/2019 2:26 PM
Authorities say they arrested an 18 and 19-year-old under the U.K.'s controversial Terrorism Act and took them to the Musgrave Serious Crime Suite, a police station in Belfast.
In Korean DMZ, Wildlife Thrives. Some Conservationists Worry Peace Could Disrupt It
04/20/2019 1:02 PM
The heavily fortified no-man's land separating North and South Korea, largely untouched by humans, has become an ecological niche for the region's flora and fauna, including endangered species.
Nepal, Home To The World's Largest Seder, Puts On Massive Passover Celebration
04/20/2019 11:10 AM
Nepal has long been a favorite destination of young Israeli tourist backpackers ? so much so that the organization Chabad there puts on a huge Passover celebration to accommodate them.
Yellow Vest Protestors In Paris Mix With Notre Dame Cathedral Mourners
04/20/2019 11:10 AM
Yellow Vest protestors plan their weekly demonstrations in the wake of the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral and calls for unity from the French president.
Police In Northern Ireland Seek Journalist's Killers
04/20/2019 12:32 AM
29-year-old Lyra McKee was a rising star in journalism in Northern Ireland and abroad. Her death was condemned by nearly all political factions there.
Yellow Vest Protesters Still Waiting For France's President To Respond To Demands
04/19/2019 9:35 PM
French President Emmanuel Macron has come out of the Notre Dame fire crisis trying to urge unity but the public has demands.
A Promising Anti-HIV Drug Poses A Dilemma
04/19/2019 1:07 PM
The medication is very effective, but there's concern it might cause birth defects if taken by a pregnant woman. Different countries address that issue in very different ways.
'We Pray For The Caliphate To Return': ISIS Families Crowd Into Syrian Camps
04/19/2019 12:42 PM
"The women and children who have been raised on the mentality of ISIS and terrorism need to be rehabilitated," warns an official. "Otherwise, they will be the foundations of future terrorism."
How Is The Mueller Report Playing Out In Russia?
04/19/2019 9:00 AM
How will the release of special counsel Robert Mueller's redacted report impact U.S.-Russia relations? David Greene talks to veteran Russian Journalist Vladimir Pozner.
Revised NAFTA Deal Would Offer Modest Economic Benefits, Report Says
04/19/2019 9:00 AM
The renegotiated trade pact among the U.S., Mexico and Canada would modestly boost the U.S. economy, most notably in the auto industry, according to the International Trade Commission's report.
French President Macron Salutes Firefighters Who Saved Notre Dame
04/19/2019 9:00 AM
Emmanuel Macron has praised the courage and dedication of the hundreds of firefighters who helped save Notre Dame Cathedral. He gave them the medal of honor for their courage.
The Ouster Of Sudan's President Has Done Little To Quiet Protesters
04/19/2019 9:00 AM
Steve Inskeep talks to CNN's Nima Elbagir about protesters, who after the ouster of their president, demand a transfer of powers from the army-led transitional council to a civilian government.
News Brief: Mueller Report, Democracy Protests In Sudan
04/19/2019 9:00 AM
After two years of investigating, the findings of the special counsel's probe into Russian election interference has been made public. And, the ouster of Sudan's president has not quelled protesters.
The U.S. Now Ranks As A 'Problematic' Place For Journalists
04/18/2019 9:13 PM
"Never before have US journalists been subjected to so many death threats," Reporters Without Borders said in its annual World Press Freedom Index, adding that President Trump "exacerbates" problem.
'Concreteberg' The Size Of A Blue Whale Plagues London's Sewers
04/18/2019 8:40 PM
"It goes without saying that pouring concrete down the drains into our sewers isn't going to do any good," said a London water provider.

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