Saturday, 20 April 2019
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The Tell-All Book That Could Trump Them All: The Mueller Report
04/20/2019 2:13 PM
Few authors get to pick who will provide the exclusive first review of their work, and Mueller didn't either. That choice was made by the principal character in the story, the president himself.
'Republic Of Lies' Explores The Fixation With Conspiracy Theories
04/20/2019 2:01 PM
Author Anna Merlan's recitations are chilling, as are her warnings that fringe beliefs tend to go mainstream ? and how their rise is seen against a resurgence in nationalism and white supremacy.
Mueller Report: Law Professor On Prosecuting An Obstruction Of Justice Case
04/20/2019 11:10 AM
NPR's Scott Simon asks New York University law professor Ryan Goodman why he thinks the redacted Mueller report points to collusion and what he feels the odds of an obstruction of justice case are.
Mueller Report: Ex-Prosecutor On Why An Obstruction Of Justice Case Has Weak Odds Of Success
04/20/2019 11:10 AM
NPR's Scott Simon asks former prosecutor Solomon Wisenberg why he thinks a case against President Trump for obstruction of justice has weak odds of success.
Democrats Divided Over Pursuing Impeachment
04/20/2019 11:10 AM
Democrats are pressing ahead with their own inquiry over the Mueller investigation, issuing a subpoena for the full report and underlying evidence. They're divided over pursuing impeachment.
Redacted Mueller Report Reveals Trump White House In Disarray
04/20/2019 11:10 AM
Mueller's report didn't find evidence to support allegations the Trump campaign "conspired or coordinated" with Russia to win the 2016 election. But it does lay bare a Trump White House in disarray.
20 Years On, The Background Check System Continues To Miss Dangerous Gun Buyers
04/20/2019 10:01 AM
Mere months before the shooting at Columbine High School, the federal government established a background check system to screen gun buyers but shootings haven't waned.
Mueller Report Includes Descriptions Of White House Staffers Refusing Trump's Orders
04/19/2019 9:16 PM
The Mueller report reveals many instances when aides ignored President Trump's orders. But that's a recurring theme in his administration that goes beyond the Russia investigation.
Republican Rep. Tom McClintock Discusses Mueller Report
04/19/2019 9:16 PM
NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., about the release of the Mueller report.
What The Mueller Report Says About The Internal Workings Of The Trump White House
04/19/2019 8:23 PM
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Susan Glasser of The New Yorker about the Mueller report and the Trump administration's tumultuous days surrounding the firing of FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.
How Trump's Judicial Nominees Have Handled Questions On Brown v. Board Of Education
04/19/2019 8:23 PM
NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Dahlia Lithwick, legal analyst for Slate, about how President Trump's judicial nominees have responded to questions about Brown v. Board of Education.
Week In Politics: The Redacted Mueller Report Is Out
04/19/2019 8:23 PM
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with David Brooks of The New York Times and E.J. Dionne of the Brookings Institution and The Washington Post about the release of the redacted Mueller Report.
Democratic Chairman Of House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Full Mueller Report
04/19/2019 8:23 PM
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler issued a subpoena for the full Mueller report on Friday, setting up a legal conflict with the Justice Department.
The Mueller Report Is Free To Read, But It's Also A Bestseller
04/19/2019 6:56 PM
The Mueller report on the 22-month probe into Russia's interference in the 2016 election is now a bestselling book, even though its contents are free and widely available.
Friday News Roundup - International
04/19/2019 3:06 PM
Elections in Indonesia, a new weapon tested in North Korea and the Mueller report's international implications.

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