Wednesday, 05 August 2020
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New Research Shows Dinosaurs Suffered From Malignant Cancer, Too
08/04/2020 11:29 PM
Scientists have identified an aggressive bone cancer ? for the first time ? in the fibula of a dinosaur that lived 76 to 77 million years ago. The diagnosis sheds new light on dinosaurs and disease.
Food Is Growing More Plentiful, So Why Do People Keep Warning Of Shortages?
08/04/2020 8:07 PM
For more than a century, food has been getting more abundant, and cheaper. Yet people keep worrying about food shortages. Some economists say the fears actually create their own problems.
2020 Flu Shot Strategy: Get Yours Early In The Season
08/04/2020 2:00 PM
With the flu season looming, public health officials urge nearly all Americans over 6 months old to get immunized starting next month. Strategize now to avoid getting the flu while COVID-19 is raging.
Tropical Storm Isaias Expected To Make Landfall As A Hurricane In Carolinas
08/03/2020 7:40 PM
The storm has already dumped rain on east coast of Florida. It's expected to linger in North Carolina on Monday, traveling inland through the night, before swirling up the Mid-Atlantic coast.
Everyone Loves The Chat Box: How Climate Science Moved Online
08/03/2020 1:40 PM
Scientists from around the world are writing the next major United Nations climate report. Summarizing the state of the atmosphere without meeting in person is as hard as it sounds.
Pandemic Deepens Cancer's Stress And Tough Choices
08/03/2020 9:02 AM
For many cancer patients, daily life can feel full of risky choices involving work, family, friends and money. Nearly every option pits the risks of catching the coronavirus against other downsides.
Splashdown! SpaceX And NASA Astronauts Make History
08/02/2020 7:09 PM
NASA and SpaceX are welcoming home two astronauts who splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico after several months on the International Space Station.
What Drives Social Behavior During The COVID-19 Pandemic
08/02/2020 12:02 PM
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with economist Plamen Nikolov from State University of New York at Binghamton, about how the pandemic is altering the way we behave.
Scientists In Washington State Have Trapped Their 1st Murder Hornet
08/01/2020 9:20 PM
In a move to eliminate murder hornets in North America, the Washington State Department of Agriculture is utilizing a new technique to catch them. In July, trappers found their first one.
Smaller Nuclear Plants May Come With Less Stringent Safety Rules
08/01/2020 11:00 AM
Proposed new emergency preparedness rules would allow nuclear plants closer to where people live. Companies say the plants are safer, but they need the rule changes for a viable business model.
Astronauts Set To Return To Earth In First U.S. Splashdown In Decades
07/31/2020 9:51 PM
The two NASA astronauts who flew on the SpaceX craft to the International Space Station in May are scheduled to return to Earth on Sunday. But there's a hurricane forecast for the splashdown vicinity.
Researchers Use Artificial Intelligence To Study Elephant Calls
07/31/2020 8:10 PM
The Elephant Listening Project has been listening to elephant calls for 20 years to learn more about animals. But identifying the calls used to be laborious ? until scientists used AI.
New Study Finds Expanded Jobless Benefits Don't Reduce Employment
07/31/2020 8:10 PM
NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with Dana Scott, a doctoral candidate in economics at Yale University, about her study that looked at whether expanded jobless benefits reduced incentives to look for work.
U.S. Reaches $2.1 Billion Deal With Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline For COVID-19 Vaccine Push
07/31/2020 4:02 PM
This is the sixth vaccine candidate to join Operation Warp Speed's portfolio, and the largest vaccine deal to date.
Vaccine Candidate Delivers Protection In A Single Shot (In Monkeys)
07/30/2020 8:10 PM
Studies COVID-19 vaccine candidates in monkeys show promise of an effective vaccine, but it will large scale human trials to know for sure if they work.

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