Monday, 20 August 2018
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Why Hospitals Are Getting Into The Real Estate Business
08/19/2018 1:00 PM
These days hospitals are looking for ways to improve health in their communities to prevent illness and control costs. One hospital in Ohio decided that health might start with affordable housing.
Mountain Gets A Downgrade To A Hill
08/19/2018 11:57 AM
A mountain in Wales has been downgraded to a hill after a new satellite survey.
Oil And Gas Drilling Could Endanger U.S. Archaeological Sites
08/19/2018 11:57 AM
A loophole in Pennsylvania law lets companies drill oil and gas wells in farms and fields where Native American and Colonial artifacts are buried.
Should You Get That Scan? Your Doctor Might Not Be Great At Helping You Decide
08/18/2018 1:00 PM
In a new study, researchers found that doctors are better at explaining the benefits of a common cancer screening that its potential downsides. But overtesting comes with risks and costs of its own.
Eyeliner On Spiders: It's For Science
08/18/2018 12:27 PM
NPR's Jennifer Ludden talks with University of Florida scientist Lisa Taylor about her lab's use of human makeup in experiments about spider coloration and mating.
'Ticker' And Building An Artificial Heart
08/18/2018 12:27 PM
NPR's Jennifer Ludden speak with author Mimi Swartz about her new book, Ticker. It tells the story of the quest to build an artificial heart.
Paul Gilding: How Do We Continue To Grow If The Earth Has Reached Its Limit?
08/17/2018 2:03 PM
Environmental activist Paul Gilding says the world has been growing too fast for too long. And now...the Earth is full. The only solution, he says, is to radically change the way we consume.
What Exactly Is K2, The Synthetic Cannabinoid?
08/16/2018 10:20 PM
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks to Dr. Kathryn Hawk, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, about synthetic marijuana, also known as K2.
Babies Born Dependent On Opioids Need Touch, Not Tech
08/16/2018 9:58 PM
A pediatrician is working to make sure every hospital in Kansas can give babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome the soft start they need, ideally right next to their mothers.
Researchers Figure Out How To Break Spaghetti Into Only 2 Pieces
08/16/2018 9:08 AM
It's almost impossible to break a piece of dry spaghetti into exactly two pieces. Mathematicians at MIT have figured out how to do it. And all it takes is a twist.
Scientists Race To Improve 'Living Drugs' To Fight Cancer
08/16/2018 9:05 AM
To outwit cancer, researchers are working on better ways to teach patients' immune system to root out and kill malignant cells. A promising approach involves cells that attack cancer two ways at once.
By Creating Habitats For Monarch Butterflies In Cities, Scientists Hope To Save Them
08/15/2018 9:34 PM
As summer draws to a close, conservationists are getting ready for the annual Monarch butterfly migration. One scientist thinks the best way to help the migration is to create more Monarch habitats in big cities.
2018 Revealed Just How Ill-Prepared We Are For Climate Change
08/15/2018 5:59 PM
Somini Sengupta, international climate reporter for The New York Times, discusses the dire consequences of rising temperatures, such as drought, famine, disease, war and increased migration.
Wisconsin Reservation Offers A Climate Success Story And A Warning
08/15/2018 3:07 PM
Climate change is causing more severe flooding around the country, and a disproportionate number of Native American communities are on the front lines.
Florida's Gulf Coast Battles Deadly And Smelly Red Tide
08/14/2018 9:04 PM
A toxic algae bloom is killing fish, turtles and dolphins and scaring tourists away from Florida's Gulf Coast.

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