Saturday, 30 September 2023
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House passes 45 day spending stopgap, sending bill to Senate
09/30/2023 5:42 PM
The House voted 335 to 91 to approve a 45-day spending stop gap, putting pressure on the Senate to act quickly before a midnight deadline to fund the government.
House Speaker McCarthy appeals for bipartisan support with a stopgap measure
09/30/2023 5:30 PM
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is attempting to keep the government funded for 45 days.
Rep. Jamie Raskin on the Democrats' role in negotiations over a shutdown
09/30/2023 12:22 PM
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., about negotiations to avoid a shutdown of the federal government at midnight.
Week in politics: House Republicans lead impeachment inquiry; lead-up to the shutdown
09/30/2023 11:57 AM
House Republicans led questioning on impeaching President Biden while disagreeing on how to continue funding the government.
How the far right could remove McCarthy and why his fate could be in Democrats' hands
09/30/2023 9:00 AM
At least one House Republican, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, is publicly threatening to offer a resolution to try to remove the speaker. Here's how that procedural motion would work.
Donald Trump's business empire at risk following fraud ruling
09/29/2023 8:41 PM
Legal experts say it's unclear what a judge's fraud ruling will mean for Donald Trump's business empire but they agree he faces grave financial and legal peril.
House GOP hardliners block spending stopgap with shutdown looming
09/29/2023 6:00 PM
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy rejected a bipartisan Senate proposal to keep agencies funded through November 17 and instead moved a GOP bill that linked another month of spending with border security.
From California to Capitol Hill, tributes to Dianne Feinstein flood in after her death
09/29/2023 3:55 PM
Leaders in the House and the Senate paused from the race to avert a government shutdown to remember Feinstein, the California Democrat who was longest-serving woman to ever sit in the U.S. Senate.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein dies after 31 record-setting years in Congress
09/29/2023 2:11 PM
The California Democratic Senator has died at 90 years old. She was the longest-serving female senator in U.S. history and had planned to retire at the end of her term.
Dianne Feinstein, longest serving woman in the Senate, has died at 90
09/29/2023 1:09 PM
Feinstein suddenly became the mayor of San Francisco when two other officials were assassinated. Later she was elected to the U.S. Senate after male senators grilled Anita Hill in public hearings.
Up First briefing: Affects of a shutdown; health workers may strike; Maui conspiracies
09/29/2023 11:53 AM
What will stay open if the government shuts down? Kaiser Permanente's health care workers near a nationwide walkout. How conspiracy theories spread in the wake of wildfires in Hawaii.
Israel and Saudi Arabia have hinted they may be open to establishing formal relations
09/29/2023 9:13 AM
NPR's Sarah McCammon talks to Congressmen Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) and Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) about the U.S. role in fostering a relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel.
How the Sierra Club is adapting to the political challenges of the 21st century
09/29/2023 9:13 AM
Politicians in red states sometimes resist green policies. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Ben Jealous, executive director of the Sierra Club, about how they're trying to bring red and green together.
What closes and what keeps running in a federal government shutdown
09/29/2023 9:00 AM
A government shutdown is looming but not every federal office will close completely. Some critical services will continue as employees work without pay.
The White House chief of staff says it's on House Republicans to avert a shutdown
09/29/2023 12:38 AM
Jeff Zients has been getting the White House prepared for the first government shutdown of the Biden administration. Here's what the chief of staff told NPR about it.

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